Rabbit Beta

GoCypher search widget

The purpose of the widget is to be embeded into any website and provide capablity to search in GoCypher repositories for blockchain realated data (Ethereum, Bitcoin, BitcoinCash). The widget provides similar functionalities like gocypher.com i.e. you can use it's query language and navigate accross the result set by drilling down deeper.

Integration instructions

Add the following tag to any place of your website body:


Add link of the widget styles to the page header:

   <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://www.gocypher.com/widgets/gocypher-styles.css">

Add link of the widget scripts to the page footer:

   <script src="https://www.gocypher.com/widgets/gocypher-search.js"></script>

Widget configuration

The widget has two optional attributes:

The example of attributes usage:
   <gocypher-search repository="eth" onlySearchBox="true" ></gocypher-search>